Campaign held to help Merab's shelter in Batumi

Friends, difficult days have come for both people and our four-legged friends. This situation is especially hard for animals!

A few days ago, Merab, who maintains a shelter in the suburbs of Batumi, asked our foundation for help. Our foundation together with the other participants of this mini-operation quickly cooperated and helped Merab and his shelter.

It all started with the fact that the girl Victoria, who lives in Florida, USA, have watched the video of blogger Alexei Pavelko about Merab’s shelter and decided to help him. She immediately contacted our foundation and donated $ 250 to help Merab, another $ 100 from our fund was added to this amount. Then the whole amount was spent on food and canned food for animals.

The Buneba store (Batumi, 5 Nasaridze St.) made a 30% discount for Merab. Alexei Pavelko, a blogger, shot a video about it so that more people would learn about Merab's work.

It is worth noting one more good news - during the purchase of food in a pet store a stranger came in, who recognized our fund and gave Merab an additional 100 GEL!

Our foundation wants to thank everyone who participated in this 2-day mini-operation!

You can watch the video report here:




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