The first campaign held on February 15-16!

Our foundation, this weekend, February 15-16, held an action to help animal shelters!

Concretely, funds were collected for Merab's shelter in Batumi, which contains about 200 dogs and cats. In addition, a sum was collected to help the girl Salome and the dog Brian, who was hit by a car in the Dusheti region, and Salome could not leave him and brought him to the clinic for treatment in Tbilisi.

A tent was set up near the Tsereteli metro station, where volunteers, told people about the work of the fund, handed out small souvenirs, and accepted applications for help. Over the course of two days, quite a lot of people came who were interested in helping homeless animals. They brought pet food, medicine, and also left some amount of money for the shelter and for Brian's treatment.

 In total we:
- Received 8 applications for operations for animals.
- Got 44 kg. pet food
- 10 packs of various medicines
- distributed 300 information leaflets.
- gathered 384 GEL (part will go to paying Brian’s treatment, and part will be used to purchase Merab’s shelter by pet food in Batumi)

Our foundation wants to express its gratitude to all the good people who supported us and helped over these days! We hope that in the future more and more interested people will come! Together we can achieve a lot!





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