Meeting during the campaign for helping homeless animals

Today, near the metro Rustaveli there was an acquaintance with the girl Tiko.

Tiko is an activist who periodically holds campaigns to help shelters for homeless animals. During such events donations, necessary things and medicines are collected. After talking to her, we learned a lot; about good people in different parts of Georgia who pick up animals from the street and save them, as well as about private shelters suffering from a lack of food and medicine. The telephone numbers were exchanged and it was agreed to hold joint actions in shelters in the cities of Rustavi and Gori, at the beginning of October. In our zoomachine, at that time, there was a bag of feed for dogs that was given to Tiko for stray animals.

This day was not in vain, because lots of people were met, who are not indifferent to the fate of homeless animals, who are trying in every possible way to help them. There becomes more and more such people and together, by common efforts we will be able to achieve a lot

If you want to help Tiko, contact this number +995598848920





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