Help with pet food for homeless dogs in Signaghi and for Matilda's dogs!

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Georgia, Signaghi
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My name is Matilda Mirzoeva and I live in Sighnaghi, in C. Dadiani st., 1. Since childhood, I love animals, I always had dogs and have them now. Mostly my attention in the street is drawn by the so-called mestizos and sick dogs. I take them home and cure, so I saved a lot of animals. In fact, in our area there are no organizations providing assistance to homeless animals, so I look after and feed everyone. I bring homeless animals to Tbilisi, sterilize them so that they do not breed. At the moment, 25 dogs live in my house, which were chased by people and I sheltered them, saved from a terrible fate, also 6 cats. I protect their rights and often because of this I myself became a victim of a bullying, often I even received physical injuries. I have already sheltered so many animals at home that the locals call it the "Shelter of Matilda". In addition, all the dogs that I meet along the way know me and expect food and tenderness. I try to help them and feed everyone. Due to the current situation in the country, I was left without work, and I am a pensioner, I live with two minor children and a large number of dogs, who are also like children to me. 24 hours I think about how to feed all the stray animals. The city is empty, the restaurants are closed, there are no tourists, even the garbage cans are empty, but the locals do not care at all about the fate of stray animals. On the contrary, they demand that they be removed, which I try to prevent and fight for their rights, along with my underage daughter, Mariam Dzhaniashvili. I ask you to accept and take into account my situation and help me with food so that I can feed everyone and make their life easier a little bit!

Foundation “Friends-Georgia” collects funds for pet food for animals in Signagi and Matilda’s dogs. The amount of 200 lari will be spent on the food for dogs, and then it will be delivered to Matilda. The report will be presented in the form of photo and video materials.

Please support us! If you can’t do it financially, then you can simply post a link of this project in your social networks. We will be grateful for this!


With a donation of 10 GEL or more, you can choose a gift souvenir on our website.

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30.07.2020 - fundraising
31.07.2020 - pet food delivery


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