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Greetings! My name is Guliko Afciauri, I am a pensioner and live in Didi Digomi. A mestizo dog lives with me, nicknamed Lucky, whom I found a newborn, thrown out near the trash and saved him, now this is my best friend. Relations with Lucky instilled in me love and compassion for other homeless animals. Now, if possible, I help them with pet food, or with medicines and treatment. At the moment I feed 15 stray dogs. 10 of them live in a porch next to me, some near my house, and some of the dogs in a park nearby. For the 4 years I have been taking care of them, raised them from puppyhood, now they are all adults. I also saved and raised several kittens that were thrown into the street, then I found a home for them and loving owners. 4 years since I have been helping street animals living in the streets, and my Lucky is 7 years old. In addition, on my way I often come across hungry dogs, for which I also have food. Now, in this situation, I need help with dog food. Please help me with pet food, so that the dogs under my supervision do not remain hungry. Thank you in advance! (Guliko Afciauri)

Foundation “Friends-Georgia” collects funds for pet food for animals living in Didi Digomi area. The amount of 150 lari will be spent on the food for dogs, and then it will be delivered to Guliko. The report will be presented in the form of photo and video materials.

Please support us! If you can’t do it financially, then you can simply post a link of this project in your social networks. We will be grateful for this!


With a donation of 10 GEL or more, you can choose a gift souvenir on our website.

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29.07.2020 - fundraising
30.07.2020 - pet food delivery


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