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Hello! I am Ia Dzneladze, I live in Tbilisi, in Didi Digomi. I work in a hotel, and I’m responsible for the shift and staff. I have always loved animals and I find it very hard fro them to survive in a world full of cruel people. I have been helping animals for 8 years, feeding them, treating them, doing sterilization, giving them away. Every day on the territory of Didi Digomi, I look after 15 stray dogs, 3 cats and 3 puppies. In addition, on the territory of my job I feed 3 dogs and 2 cats, and all at my own expense. To see the grateful and devoted eyes of these beautiful creatures is the best feeling for me, but, given the current situation, I can not cope with so many animals. I really need your help, which would ease my situation. Unfortunately, as you know, many abandoned animals (dogs) appear in the city, which move from region to region to find their place where they can calmly get food and no one will drive them away, and it’s hard for me to watch them. I try to feed them at the beginning of a difficult street life, before they find their place. Please help me in purchasing food for them! Thank you in advance! (Ia Dzneladze)

Foundation “Friends-Georgia” collects funds for pet food for dogs in Didi Digomi. The amount of 150 lari will be spent on the food for animals and then it will be delivered to Ia. The report will be presented in the form of photo and video materials.

Please support us! If you can’t do it financially, then you can simply post a link of this project in your social networks. We will be grateful for this!


With a donation of 10 GEL or more, you can choose a gift souvenir on our website.

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20.07.2020 - сбор средств на корм
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