We are a fund “Friends-Georgia”, which helps homeless animals and this is our story.

It all started with a group of like-minded people who joined in a volunteer organization in 2017, helping animals in Georgia. Our main goal, of course, is to help homeless animals. But unlike many other foundations, we also help poor citizens who have pets - we supply them with food and provide money for operations in case of illness of their pets. We also help the elderly and people with disabilities in keeping their animals. As a volunteer organization, we also held campaigns and events in support of animals in need. Our story is built on the desire to help those who cannot help themselves. We gradually developed, gathering a team of those who care about fate of animals. In 2018, we went through official registration, and since 2019 we have been working on social media coverage to attract more people and show them that helping our smaller brothers is easy, the main thing is only desire. In 2020, we already launched our full-fledged website, in which, until this day, we publish relevant and important information about our fund. Currently, our fund works with many organizations and with government agencies. Thanks to the hard work of each member of our caring team, at the moment we are the number one fund in the country!

We continue our development, and our prospects are the construction of our animal shelter, under the roof of which we will gather those who need our help - homeless cats and dogs. We also want to build a veterinary clinic and engage in the expansion of territorial assistance in the country. We believe that by continuing to burn with the idea of helping, we will be able to achieve our goals. Let's help animals together!




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