Frequently asked questions

I have found a dog or a cat. What shall I do?

If you really want to help not in word but in deed, then first of all you need to examine the animal at the veterinarian, check for the presence of a microchip or stamp (if the animal is thoroughbred), pass the necessary tests, issue the animal with a veterinary passport.

 Then bring the animal to your home or find an overexposure (temporary house, zoological hotel). If you already have other animals, you need to limit their contact with the "new" (for example, put it in a bathroom or other room). Inoculate your animals on time to minimize the risk of infection (and you can bring the virus home even on shoes on the way home from work).

It is also necessary to check the ads on the search for this animal on the Internet and in the area where the animal was found, place ads about the dog or cat found on the relevant sites on the Internet and in the area where the animal is located.

Be sure to wash, treat the animal from fleas (at least 48 hours after washing) and worms (twice - with an interval of 10 days), two weeks after re-treatment from the worms, the animal must be vaccinated in the veterinary clinic, making appropriate marks in vet passport.

If the old owner is not found, be sure to sterilize the animal. Search for a new owner for the animal (through friends, acquaintances, colleagues, on the Internet and posting ads on the street - in all possible ways), carefully selecting applicants. Yes, unfortunately, not all people in our time take homeless animals with good intentions.



Why can’t we bring an animal to your foundation?

We are not a shelter and we just have nowhere to put the animals you found, especially in the quantities in which they are offered to us daily. Yes, we help shelters for dogs and cats in Georgia, but despite this, we cannot, on any privileged conditions, bring homeless animals there. We HELP to make life easier for animals in the shelter (and there are about hundred animals there!), to make it at least a little easier and more fun (as much as possible under such conditions). 

We DO NOT add work to employees and owners of shelters - they have enough of work to do. Seeing overcrowded cells, we have no moral right to ask to take more animals.

In addition, kittens and puppies are not allowed in shelters due to lack of immunity, such animals in the shelter will simply die.


How can you help me then?

Despite the fact that we help shelters, trying to organize the infrastructure of a civilized animal protection, we are always ready to support ordinary citizens, who are ready to take responsibility for the found animal. If you are ready to become a curator, to take all possible part in the life of a dog or cat you have found, probably to pay for treatment or overexposure, etc., then you can always contact our foundation and we will try to provide you the maximum assistance in saving the animal’s life. In the case of cooperation, we conclude a special agreement with all individuals, so be prepared to provide your passport details and assume certain legal obligations.





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